Blood in the Streets


"The afternoon sun bleaches the streets where puddles of blood appear black in the harsh glare. The color red is only evident in the spreading roses blossoming on shirts and the crimson petals dripping from wounds. Aurora finds Manuel making his way home. Her breath catches when she sees all the color drained from his face, the blood on his clothes.

“It’s not mine,” is all Manuel can say to her. His eyes are downcast, focused on the crevices between the chalky cobbles, dusty and dirty, but not red."

Image: Soldier firing from the San Telmo Bridge in Sevilla. General Queipo de Llano occupies the barracks and the radio station; only the Guardia de Asalto (Assault Guard) dug in in Plaza Nueva with some workers in defense of the Republic. The rebels dominate the center of the city and the workers regroup in surrounding neighborhoods of La Macarena, Triana, and San Bernardo.


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