Giralda & Cathedral, Sevilla


"The next morning, Sevilla shimmers white and gold. Everything reflects the feeling of a new start. The gold light bounces off the low, rolling waves of the Guadalquivir river. The river reflects the Toro de Oro in soft ripples, and the sunlight is only more blinding as it strikes the Giralda Tower. The Giralda chimes the hour and reveals to all who gaze upward the curvature of its Moorish minaret beneath the imposed bell tower. It once was an astronomical observatory, but now it is the bell tower of the colossal Cathedral whose intricate and lofty spires reach for the sky. It is said that from the top of the Giralda, one can just touch heaven."

photo: Krista Rossow

Click here for more about the Cathedral and Giralda. 


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