Franco & Hitler, Spain 1936


"I know that with his Fascist Italian troops borrowed from Mussolini, and the German forces from Hitler, Franco will impose an authoritarian regime, something he calls True Spain. He will implement a return to pre-1931 legislation. And reprisals will be commonplace in the Fascist-controlled Sevilla. There will be retaliatory action taken against “subversives.” For women, it will mean a giant step backwards: the loss of public identity; the loss of their vote; a return to submissiveness and restrictive dress codes, to the subservient traditional domestic role of mother and wife.

Franco is adamant in his repeated proclamations, 'we must counsel our women that they have no further to look than to our beloved Macarena. Through Her, they can rediscover their natural role in life and how they, too, may reach fulfillment within the glory of the Fatherland, the Church, and traditional Spanish family.'"

For more information on Franco's collaboration with the Third Reich, click here, here, here and here


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